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Window Tints Everything is a window tinting company in Los Angeles that provides both residential window tinting and commercial window tinting. The window films are used for reducing heat, prevent glare and anti-graffiti or scratching. Residential Window Tinting With today's modern home being built with an abundance of glass the need for Home Window Film was never greater, not only does it provide UV protection from the sun's damaging rays but it also reduces the sun's radiant heat from entering your home through the glass. Our patented films can reject up to 84% of solar energy. Dramatically reducing the temperature of a home, which can help reduce cost of energy consumption.

Put your alt text here Commercial Window Tinting Aside from residential window tinting, we also provide commercial window tinting, which can provide up to 99.9% UV Protection for the building occupants and furnishings from harmful and damaging ultraviolet rays, and allow the business to get as much as 5-15% in whole building energy savings.

It also reduces light trespass from buildings at night since most films reduce light transmission by 50% or more. Most importantly, many window films are recognized by the Skin Cancer Foundation as effective for protection against skin cancer. Safety and Security These films come in a variety of gauges, each to serve a purpose. At its thinnest, 2mil can be used to protect glass on window panes, so that in the event of an earthquake the glass will shatter but the pieces will remain attached to the film and prevent damage that could ruin a possibly be very valuable piece of art, floor and personel; Likewise it may also be used to protect art inside glass cases of museum type displays. Provide a comfortable thermal environment that supports the productivity and well-being of building occupants.